Greatest Gift Receiving This Message. Truly Blessed, Tears In My Eyes. So Grateful!

I wanted to say, the work we did at our last session really changed things for me. I really felt something shift inside me and I know I’m on the path toward healing that I didn’t think was possible before I met you. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you.


Testimonial to Mandi Babkes and Beau!



I first off would like to say, Mandi is like a second Mother to me! She is so loving and caring! I joke with her about how marvelous she is and seeing her in person and getting to talk with her is most marvelous. Mandi is more like a therapist to me. You could be in the worst mood or times of your life, and this wonder woman, with her big heart and revolutionizing energy and healing, will make you leave with the biggest smile and guaranteed to leave better than you came.

This is what I love most about Mandi’s holistic healing-she makes you feel alive and heals you with her energy and words. I would recommend her to anyone!

She also has been through a lot, so she understands what’s going on, she is intuitive, she knows what herbs you need, dietary recommendations, emotional and psychological support, and a whole host of other alternative healing remedies and modalities.

She is also like a best friend to me. She is so nice and full of energy and cares so much. I could sense this the very first time I talked to her on the phone. Seeing Mandi one on one is definitely worth doing. You will not regret it! Her healing and words, you have to experience it for yourself! She is an amazing person! And so is lovely Beau, her pup and assistant. He radiates her energy in him! He is so nice and cuddly, it’s a two for one deal! 🙂

My body and adrenals were so compromised, physically and emotionally. I couldn’t even drink water and was so sick. If Mandi can help with that, she can do anything!!!! Thanks Mandi!!! XOXO —Brendan

So truly blessed for the gifts of my life and work, passions and missions!

“You are so wonderful and we love you very much!!!!!
I can’t even think of any words that would explain what a blessing you have been to all of us. Thank you for sharing your gifts.“


Made my day receiving this amazing message ❤️

“You’re the best cause you’re actually helping people and making a difference. You’re the best doctor anyone could ever ask for! The best one I ever had! Thank you so much! I would recommend you
to everybody!”


THIS…..made my day! Real pain management! Thank you for believing and trusting me! And for ALL of your beautiful energy and courage!

Just felt the urge to tell you I love you. ❤ Your guidance, your knowledge, your support, your compassion……the CBD, the nutritional and herbal support, your healing abilities. I can feel u checking me just as we talk. Like, yesterday morning when we were on the phone, I said to myself: she can check me and guide me as I’m freaking just talking !! Badass!

Mandi, you are a treasure to to anyone you treat. More of a treasure as a super power sis!!!! I’m able to cook right now & dance a Lil!!! 🙌🙌🙌

Feels great to do something productive at the moment! Just to cook & mop floor….big deal! ❤️

I am blessed to help this beautiful and courageous family.

Mandi, our family has been so extremely blessed to have met you. You are always available to answer our concerns, and are so comforting in your responses. You give us solutions that actually work. My sister-in-law, Sue found you and she is a woman of great faith, and her faith in you was instant. My husband Bob, with his numerous health issues; liver transplant, open heart surgery, brain surgery, diabetes, agent orange, and kidney problems came to you because he was told by his PCP that his heart was too weak for him to survive another year. Well, this was in January and after following Mandi’s knowledgeable advice, Bob’s numbers have improved and the doctors have not been able to find fluid around his heart. And today Mandi, Bob had a test on his heart and he was told that his heart got stronger. We all say that Bob has nine lives and every surgery he comes through is a miracle, but you Mandi are truly a miracle worker. From the first time you met Bob you believed he could get better. I think because you choose not to be negative it shines through to the people you care for. You are an exceptional person with an incredible gift of healing that is so kind, comforting, and non-judge mental. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you, and may God bless you and keep happy and healthy.
Much love from our family, Mary Ann

Words from the heart, I am truly blessed ❤️

Hi Mandi, I pray that God is showering you with many blessings. I sure hope you look at yourself and realize what a wonderful woman you are. I was thinking of my mother and I wish I would have known yours, because she must have given you so many gifts that you have. You work hard, love hard, and the field of work you do helps many people. And I give thanks to God for the gift of you and the closeness we have. Love you!