Mandi has helped me with balancing and perfecting my diet, adding healthy options, and focusing on keeping my sugar and fat content in a healthy range. Mandi has also assisted me in my workouts, helping me to get the most out of the different exercises she is showing me. This is also allowing me to train smarter and protect my heart and kidneys, muscles and joints, while maintaining my weight and staying in shape.

Mandi has helped me with healthy vegan, live-sourced supplements and nutrients, as well as mud packing, which has and continues to be most beneficial. Mandi is 100% willing and committed to helping me live a most healthful and happy life.

Thank you!

-Ross R

Mandi is a very talented QRA practitioner.

Mandi is a very talented QRA practitioner. I was in pretty sad shape when I started working with her in January and had no prior knowledge of what a QRA practitioner even was, but I am so grateful to have found her. I have been suffering from heavy metal poisoning which has kept me house bound for the last year and was having trouble finding a doctor/specialist who was familiar with my particular situation. I’d given up on finding someone who could help me a while ago and spent most of my time trying to figure out how to solve my health issues on my own. After countless hours of research and thousands of dollars on self-medicating I feel I can finally let go and let Mandi take the reins. She is very knowledgeable about the body as a whole and brilliant at finding the right combination of support to help balance your system and build your body back up so you can tackle any health issue. I love learning how different organs/systems affect one another as she systematically checks each area of the body explaining all along the way what she was doing and why things are amiss. This is exactly what I was looking for. Someone who would spend the time, literally hours if needed, to determine the best course of action for my individual situation. Then there is the powerful process of the mud packs. This is something that blew my mind. I’m not sure how it works or why, I just know it does and you have to experience it for yourself to feel your body release and reconnect. I’d say this as close to magic as it comes. What I’m beginning to realize is that when you give your body exactly what it needs to heal it will respond and rather quickly. If you are as seriously ill as I was or have been trying to improve your health and have hit plateaus or are just managing symptoms and not getting anywhere, this is the time to give Mandi a call so she can help you figure out what is missing.

I’ll never forget the day I wrote this to Mandi in an email:

“I just had to tell you about my wonderful day. Actually had enough energy to clean the house. Not just one room but the whole damn thing. Now, remember I am seriously out of shape and this was no easy task and I ache all over. But I don’t care…it was worth it to feel like myself again! Can’t wait to do some more mudding with you! Did I tell you how much I appreciate you? Did I? Well I do I hope you know that. Nobody has been able to help me in all these years, and you my dear, are literally saving my life. Thank you so much for being you!”

Together, you and Mandi will determine your best course of action. There are no preconceived notions about your health when you walk through her door. She recognizes that each situation is individual and practices accordingly. I worked with her weekly for the first couple of months and little bit by little bit I feel that I’m getting a hold on my health for the first time in years. I know in my heart that very soon this difficult journey will come to a happy end.

– P. Gwendolyn

gd_test_1_photoI have suffered for years, since age 31, from acute prostatitis. The condition has flared up from time to time, and it can cause my body to be very debilitated and inflamed. I have 2 great kids from a previous marriage. About 2 years ago my prostatitis flared up big time, causing my urogenital system to be in great distress. I sought out my PCP who prescribed typical antibiotics and antiinflammatories, which made it worse. The PCP referred me to a specialist who did more of the same with no progress. My girlfriend, now my fiancee, brought me to Mandi Babkes who owns Holistic Health with Mandi. Mandi is a brilliant healer and superb nutritional scientist and listener. After testing, and thoughtful and expert analysis, Mandi gave me raw, live-sourced nutrients and supplements which truly worked and, like a miracle, restored me to full function. In addition, Mandi discovered and cleared Interference Fields and trauma areas via mud packing to heal and restore my health and vitality. Great news, my fiancee and I just celebrated the birth of our daughter on Nov 22, 2012.gd_test_2_photo Thank you so much Mandi. You are the best. You men out there who think you have no hope, see Mandi, your body will naturally heal, you have help. Thank you so much Mandi!

-George Dieffenbach

My 15 year old daughter has always had difficulties focusing at school.

My 15 year old daughter has always had difficulties focusing at school.  We tried Ritalin for a few days when she was in second grade and were horrified by the result – she was like a zombie.  It was suggested that we try it again after she struggled through her freshman year of high school.  Instead, over this summer, we began working with Mandi. Mandi’s passion, knowledge, and commitment have been remarkable. Through QRA, dietary and nutritional modifications, nutrient support, and mud packing, Mandi has been able to help my daughter immensely. The change in my daughter’s overall mood has been remarkable.  She is noticeably calmer and pleasant.  She is two weeks into her sophomore year and so far so good – she is completing and turning in her homework on time! Thanks so much Mandi!

-Lynn B.

Just wanted to share our story with your current and future clients.

 I am a healthy, active 47 year old female.  I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids in August 2010 after they showed up on an MRI that was ordered for a sports injury. My doctor and physical therapist diagnosed a herniated disc but were also concerned about the three fibroids that were on the lining of my uterus.  I went to an ob gyn who specializes in fibroid treatment. We discussed an embolization procedure, which is a procedure that cuts off the blood supply to the fibroids. As long as you are pre menopausal, however, there is a good chance that they will come back. Uterine fibroids are fed by estrogen and until you are in menopause, you learn to live with them, get the embolization or have a hysterectomy.  We decided that watchful waiting was the best approach. By May 2011, I was having irregular painful periods, bloating and many symptoms of estrogen dominance. I made an appointment with the specialist, resigned to the fact that I would probably need the embolization. But as a last ditch effort I thought I would try to work with Mandi to see if there was an alternative. By June I was feeling such relief that I cancelled the doctor appointment. I continued to work with Mandi all summer  When I returned to the Ob Gyn for my one year check up in September, there were no signs of any fibroids! The doctor said that it must have been a result of the work that I’ve been doing with Mandi! In addition to the fibroid relief, Mandi is helping me through a difficult perimenopause with natural hormone replacement. The ” bio identical” progesterone (pill form) that the doctor prescribed gave me horrible side effects. Mandi made me realize that I would do much better with progesterone cream as well as supplements. My anxiety, mood swings and bloating are gone and my energy is back! I now feel that I have a true ally in my march through mid life! I believe in staying healthy and working on prevention. I am so grateful for the care and support that Mandi has provided.

Love you!
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I am PhD student and one of the best long distance runners in Slovenia

I am PhD student and one of the best long distance runners in Slovenia. In the beginning of  this year, I suffered from femoral neck stress fracture, which is one of the most difficult and serious injuries for the athletes. I was completely down, devastated and frustrated. I took a long rest, but despite doing nothing the fracture didn` t heal. My doctor advised me to put pins into my hip and thus I could forget my big dream- to compete at Olympics in 2016 in marathon. While reading about the injury I found Mandi, who also suffered from the same type of injury and was also told to never run again. But she managed to conquer this injury and she is healthier now than ever and she is running again marathons and triathlons as well. She was such an inspiration for me, she brought hope again into my life. I gave her a phone call and she offered me consultations. She lifted me up mentally and physically, because she recommended me to introduce more natural and raw food into my diet. She also sent me some food supplements, based on natural food. And it turned out it really works! This was confirmed by 3 independent investigations: the X-ray, the MRI and finally the bone scanning. Now I am  gradually coming back on running tracks healthier and stronger than ever! I also enjoy staying on vegetarian diet, with emphasis on raw food and I love drinking my green smoothies every day! So thanks Mandi! You` re the best!
Leon Bedrac
Have  great day,
– Leon 🙂

I just have to share…

I just have to share that twice today while walking around my little voice in my head said, “I’m feeling good!”. This is the first time I’ve said that to myself in over 2.5 years! I’ve had good days here and there in that time span, but not an internal feeling of wellness. 
I just wanted to share that with you, and thank you for all your help so far. I know I still have plenty to do yet, but this kind of progress is unbelievable after struggling for so long.
Hope you have a blast during your race on Sunday,

– Heather Kropf

Thank you Mandi!”

joe_flyn_resized“My name is Joe Flynn and I’ve been a fitness and health nut for years! But, like everyone, I have hit plateaus that I could not overcome until I met Mandi. Through her counseling and expertise, I have been able to lose an additional 18 pounds and lower my cholesterol from 203 to 173!!!!! In addition, I have been able to get relief from constant pain in my arthritic hip! You owe it to your health and well being to at least talk to Mandi…You have NOTHING to lose except AMAZING success that I have and continue to experience!”

“I am so happy to have found Mandi. She came into my life right when I least expected it and it was no accident. Since I was a kid I have suffered with many health issues, Celiac being one of the main culprits. I had been to so many different doctors and holistic health practitioners. Mandi seems to be the first person who knows what she is talking about. Since meeting with Mandi, I have felt better than I have in years. I have more energy and look and feel so much better. She is such a positive person and if you are having any issues, she is there for you in an instant! She checks up on me to make sure I am feeling okay and that is more than I can say about anyone. I highly recommend Mandi to anyone who is suffering from any disease or health related issues.

Thank you Mandi!”

-Erinn Thompson owner of Bloom Skincare rejuvenate your skin, naturally

Jon Nordquist