I just have to share…

I just have to share that twice today while walking around my little voice in my head said, “I’m feeling good!”. This is the first time I’ve said that to myself in over 2.5 years! I’ve had good days here and there in that time span, but not an internal feeling of wellness. 
I just wanted to share that with you, and thank you for all your help so far. I know I still have plenty to do yet, but this kind of progress is unbelievable after struggling for so long.
Hope you have a blast during your race on Sunday,

– Heather Kropf


Thank you Mandi!”

joe_flyn_resized“My name is Joe Flynn and I’ve been a fitness and health nut for years! But, like everyone, I have hit plateaus that I could not overcome until I met Mandi. Through her counseling and expertise, I have been able to lose an additional 18 pounds and lower my cholesterol from 203 to 173!!!!! In addition, I have been able to get relief from constant pain in my arthritic hip! You owe it to your health and well being to at least talk to Mandi…You have NOTHING to lose except AMAZING success that I have and continue to experience!”

“I am so happy to have found Mandi. She came into my life right when I least expected it and it was no accident. Since I was a kid I have suffered with many health issues, Celiac being one of the main culprits. I had been to so many different doctors and holistic health practitioners. Mandi seems to be the first person who knows what she is talking about. Since meeting with Mandi, I have felt better than I have in years. I have more energy and look and feel so much better. She is such a positive person and if you are having any issues, she is there for you in an instant! She checks up on me to make sure I am feeling okay and that is more than I can say about anyone. I highly recommend Mandi to anyone who is suffering from any disease or health related issues.

Thank you Mandi!”

-Erinn Thompson owner of Bloom Skincare rejuvenate your skin, naturally www.bloomskincare.net

Jon Nordquist



Leon Bedrac

I am PhD student and one of the best long distance runners in Slovenia. In the beginning of this year, I suffered from femoral neck stress fracture, which is one of the most difficult and serious injuries for the athletes. I was completely down, devastated and frustrated. I took a long rest, but despite doing nothing the fracture didn` t heal. My doctor advised me to put pins into my hip and thus I could forget my big dream- to compete at Olympics in 2016 in marathon. While reading about the injury I found Mandi, who also suffered from the same type of injury and was also told to never run again. But she managed to conquer this injury and she is healthier now than ever and she is running again marathons and triathlons as well. She was such an inspiration for me, she brought hope again into my life. I gave her a phone call and she offered me consultations. She lifted me up mentally and physically, because she recommended me to introduce more natural and raw food into my diet. She also sent me some food supplements, based on natural food. And it turned out it really works! This was confirmed by 3 independent investigations: the X-ray, the MRI and finally the bone scanning. Now I am gradually coming back on running tracks healthier and stronger than ever! I also enjoy staying on vegetarian diet, with emphasis on raw food and I love drinking my green smoothies every day! So thanks Mandi! You` re the best!

Robert Wilson

The proof is in the person, and that’s why I would like you to let Mandi help to solve your health problems naturally. My name is Bob and after heart surgery, colon surgery, and getting infected by a biopsy of the prostate, I found Mandi from a friend of mine. Working with me using her vast knowledge of natural healing, nutrients, and mud-packing, she has helped me a lot. She is there for you in person and only a phone call away if you have any questions. The time that I have spent with her has been very valuable to me, and I have learned a lot. By treating me naturally, she has kept me away from the doctors and the medicine that they want me to take. As times goes by, I am improving and I would give Mandi all the credit! She has become a good friend to me and she will ALWAYS be my natural healing expert. She has proven to me that she knows and cares, and she has helped me a lot. I am sure that there are a lot of people out there that Mandi can help!

– Abbie Weiskopf

I am almost 37years old, and delighted to be pregnant with my fifth child.  I have, however, been greatly challenged with pregnancy sickness, minor blood sugar issues, and overall fatigue throughout most of my pregnancy.  Mandi’s knowledge of nutrition and recommended nutritional supplements have been an absolute blessing, as I have experienced an increase in good health and decrease of overall fatigue.