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 School Lunch? Four More Ways to Make a Change

First, let’s hear from Mandi Babkes, MNH, HHC, AADP, QRA with Holistic Health with Mandi:

“According to the school district in which this lunch was presented, ‘All menus exceed Federal guidelines Recommended Daily Allowances and are planned by a Registered Dietitian… all schools will have at a minimum of one fresh fruit and vegetable offering each day.’ Are these dietitians and school representatives seeing the same meal as we are in this photo?

Corn chips and saturated, fat-laden potatoes cannot be considered a fresh vegetable. And this orangish-red, Jell-o-ish substance (see actual Jell-o ingredient label with cautionary ingredients in red) is far from fresh fruit. The website Sugar Stacks is devoted to breaking down nutritional values and percentages of sugar in foods. Jell-o is actually loaded with calories and sugar.

The sandwich, which is quite difficult to even predict exactly what it consists of, is presented on a white, bleached flour bun which holds absolutely zero nutritional value, zero fiber and zero whole-grain goodness.


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