Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT)

ERT is a brilliant and effective method of uncovering and clearing blockages and interference associated with negative and/or traumatic emotional responses. As an expert in Emotional Repolarization Technique, Mandi embraces the layers, conscious and unconscious, of emotional and psychological trauma. Mandi firmly believes that the body, mind, and heart are completely connected, and therefore, emotional and psychological stressors will always play a major role in repairing and healing the body as a whole. This is the mind-body-soul connection and the WHOLE body approach to ultimate recovery, health, and happiness.

Every emotional stressor and trauma will impact the physical body. When ERT uncovers emotional experiences and memories from deep subconscious and unconscious layers, physiological reactions are also uncovered. The emotional components of imbalance and lack of health are directly related to the organ and gland systems of the body and any physical imbalances, infections, diseases, and weaknesses. Therefore, when we uncover, release, and heal emotional components of illness and imbalance, the reflex patterns and correlation to physical illnesses and imbalances can and will also become unsedated, opened, and welcoming of restoring balance, clearing infections and diseases, and ultimately healing and curing the WHOLE body.

ERT can and will also restore emotional and psychological energy and balance in regards to health, wealth, personal and professional growth and success, prosperity, motivation, confidence, strength, and more.

ERT can and will also allow for the release of fears, anger, anguish, addictions, unhealthy habits, phobias, uncertainties, and more.

ERT and Mandi’s compassion and expertise delves deep into emotional layers. So often, emotional traumas are deeply rooted, stemming from so many years ago, and even past life and pre-birth.

Below, Mandi expressses her passion for ERT and how crucial she believes it is for overall healing and balance, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically. –

I have found so many unconscious layers of fear and lack of confidence stemming from what someone heard or felt while being carried in the womb. And the connection between Mother and fetus/child is so miraculous. Everything that a Mother feels, hears, and says, is indeed felt and heard by the fetus and baby from conception to birth. All experiences, physically, psychologically, and emotionally, is shared deeply and intimately between Mother and fetus/baby throughout each and every second of pregnancy. So I often find that emotional traumas and physical ailments and weaknesses stem from experiences shared, felt, and heard in the womb. INCREDIBLE!

But is doesn’t start and stop in the womb. These are only precursors for further emotional and physical traumas for the future. Any and all experiences, from the womb to a year old to resent day can impact the overall health and balance of the body, mind, and soul. Bullying, being made fun of, social competitiveness, minority related concerns an experiences, physical and emotional abuse, witnessing or hearing abusive behaviors towards others, any accidents or injuries, rejection, punishments,  the way you look, failures, being fired from a job, not running as fast as the other boys or girls…….and the list goes. Any and all traumatic memories and experiences have serious potential for overall imbalances and lack of health and connection within the body.

Each organ and gland system correlates with and holds different emotions. I find this to be absolutely AMAZING! Therefore, when a physical symptom or infection arises, it is often, if not always, linked to an emotional trauma, memory, and experience. The emotional manifests within the physical, and the result is imbalance and illness.

Some examples of emotional traumas and manifestations directly related to physical/anatomical imbalances include:


Reside in the pelvis, flank (spleen and pancreas), Sacrum, Kidneys, and Adrenals. These systems work separately and together to perform their own functions and establish connection with each other. They are each directly linked to one another and work together to create homeostasis within the whole body.

The spleen, for example, lies on the very same axis as the adrenals, so when stress; physical, emotional, nutritional, and hormonal, impact the body’s fight or flight and inflammatory responses, the adrenals become fatigued and compromised. When this occurs, the adrenal-spleen axis disconnects, and the spleen, the body’s IMMUNE SYSTEM, suffers and illness and disease result. Depletion of the adrenal-spleen axis will inhibit immunity, trigger colds and flus, instigate allergies and allergic reactions, prevent anti-inflammatory responses in the body, and  trigger overall hormonal imbalances, sleep disturbances, fatigue, and emotional and physical inflammation.


These emotions reside in the Gallbladder, Liver, Bile Ducts, and Pancreas. These organs/systems work hand in hand, on the right side of the body from the breast down into the bile ducts. They purge and process fats, cholesterol, bacteria, toxic substances, parasitic and bacterial invaders, and the like. They also process and assimilate each and every hormone in the body. And they assimilate nutrients and foods and play a major role in digestion and turning food into energy. AND, of course, they manifest anger, resentment, and anxiety. When these organs and filters become congested, not only does physical congestion and toxicity develop, but emotional congestion, panic, anger, and resentment also build up and manifest. AND, if the emotional “gunk” builds up first, then the physical and nutritional “gunk” follows suit. (just like physical and emotional flies sticking onto a fly trap) The Gallbladder and Liver also lie on the Deep Sleep Axis. Therefore, when congestion exists, physically and emotionally, deep sleep is a challenge. When we do not reach deep and restful sleep cycles, irritability, anger, agitation, anxiety, and exhaustion result. And guess what happens next…….that Adrenal-Spleen Axis eventually gets hit too.


This correlates with the kidneys, fluid and mineral balance, and overall filtration and CHI, the life and energy force of the body. Manifesting emotional traumas will “suffocate” and rob the body of oxygen and essential bone metabolism and mineral stores. When the body lacks oxygen, nothing, not a single system functions properly. And when the kidneys become congested and unable to pump and filter waste, they become “backed up,” like a sewer, allowing no filtering to happen and only the back-lash and recycling of waste and toxicity, both physical and emotional. This is precisely why kidney issues result in renal diseases, heart diseases, fluid retention, swelling, toxic overload, stones and nano-bacteria, arthritis and lack of bone, joint, and oral health, and various infections resulting in fever, nausea, chronic pain, etc.


Tummy troubles, intestinal troubles…..these symptoms arise in the stomach and guts (intestines). The emotional and physical imbalances interrupt the overall flora balance, inflammatory responses held in the stomach and gut, digestion and assimilation of food and nutrients, and the body’s ability to rid waste. Diarrhea and constipation suggest that you are overwhelmed and overloaded by, OR are afraid to release emotional waste. This can result in inflammation, gas and toxic build-up, cramping, “flushing,” parasitic infections, auto-immune disorders, nausea, irritable bowels, ulcers, acid reflux, and everything else tummy related.