gd_test_1_photoI have suffered for years, since age 31, from acute prostatitis. The condition has flared up from time to time, and it can cause my body to be very debilitated and inflamed. I have 2 great kids from a previous marriage. About 2 years ago my prostatitis flared up big time, causing my urogenital system to be in great distress. I sought out my PCP who prescribed typical antibiotics and antiinflammatories, which made it worse. The PCP referred me to a specialist who did more of the same with no progress. My girlfriend, now my fiancee, brought me to Mandi Babkes who owns Holistic Health with Mandi. Mandi is a brilliant healer and superb nutritional scientist and listener. After testing, and thoughtful and expert analysis, Mandi gave me raw, live-sourced nutrients and supplements which truly worked and, like a miracle, restored me to full function. In addition, Mandi discovered and cleared Interference Fields and trauma areas via mud packing to heal and restore my health and vitality. Great news, my fiancee and I just celebrated the birth of our daughter on Nov 22, 2012.gd_test_2_photo Thank you so much Mandi. You are the best. You men out there who think you have no hope, see Mandi, your body will naturally heal, you have help. Thank you so much Mandi!

-George Dieffenbach