I am blessed to help this beautiful and courageous family.

Mandi, our family has been so extremely blessed to have met you. You are always available to answer our concerns, and are so comforting in your responses. You give us solutions that actually work. My sister-in-law, Sue found you and she is a woman of great faith, and her faith in you was instant. My husband Bob, with his numerous health issues; liver transplant, open heart surgery, brain surgery, diabetes, agent orange, and kidney problems came to you because he was told by his PCP that his heart was too weak for him to survive another year. Well, this was in January and after following Mandi’s knowledgeable advice, Bob’s numbers have improved and the doctors have not been able to find fluid around his heart. And today Mandi, Bob had a test on his heart and he was told that his heart got stronger. We all say that Bob has nine lives and every surgery he comes through is a miracle, but you Mandi are truly a miracle worker. From the first time you met Bob you believed he could get better. I think because you choose not to be negative it shines through to the people you care for. You are an exceptional person with an incredible gift of healing that is so kind, comforting, and non-judge mental. We are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thank you, and may God bless you and keep happy and healthy.
Much love from our family, Mary Ann

Helping this beautiful boy heal continues to be such a magical gift for me. And bringing health and peace and hope to Mom and Dad IS absolutely incredible. This testimonial I received yesterday, unexpectedly, and helping my sweet little man and his family, has changed my life! Thank you!

My 10 year old son was misdiagnosed six times by age 8 with illnesses such as allergy induced asthma, recurring croup, viral induced asthma, chronic sinusitis….etc. Taking my son to “Dr Magical Mandi” (as he calls her) is most certainly the best and greatest decision I have ever made as a mother.

The reality is that my son had an immune deficiency of the IGA secretions and when I told Mandi and had expectations that nothing could be done (after all these years of being told that Jaymen would always suffer), Mandi knew asap what he needed!

I no longer have to put my son on 40 day rounds of antibiotics and cough syrup with codeine. Typically, in extremely cold temps, he would flare up terribly. The entire household would be up all night and in distress due to the degree of sickness he suffered.

It is a huge burden LIFTED knowing that Mandi is extremely smart, compassionate, and knew how to cure my son with all natural remedies specific to his physical and emotional needs.

As moms, we often become desperate and do what the medical doctors suggest and prescribe. I’m so grateful and proud of myself, my son, and to know that “Dr Magical Mandi” has the knowledge and gift to treat and heal holistically!

Our family could not be more pleased with Mandi and her amazingness, willingness, expertise, and motivation to treat our son with 100% success!

Seriously, it’s very atypical for my son not to be flared up this time of year. He stayed on antibiotics and codeine every year since almost age 2 from October to March.

His organs were tested twice by age 5 due to the huge amount of steroids the medical docs put him on for no reason at all. An IGA deficiency doesn’t even require steroids and one doctor finally learned that steroids were never necessary and were put in his little growing body for nothing! Devastating! My son’s medical records now say: Pt can not have steroids. (That was mine & the docs call two yrs ago).

Thank YOU! Knowing I don’t have to put that crap in his growing body means more than you will ever know! And knowing that he is continuing to heal and trust you means so much to all of us. Love you! ❤️

Thank you for this brilliant testimonial. I am Grateful and Lucky to help you!

Since I began working with Mandi, I’ve been amazed at the positive turn my health has taken. My energy level is much higher, and my blood pressure has been consistently 20-30 points lower. She even turned around an abscessed tooth in one day. Mandi possesses astounding knowledge and skills in kinesiology and various other healing modalities. Her intuitive and energetic gifts deliver remarkable healing for the whole body; physical, emotional, and nutritional. Her compassion, expertise, and advice are spot on. From now on, I’ll always take all of my health and wellness issues and concerns to Mandi first. Thank you Mandi!


Pain free after years of being on Tramadol!

A beautiful client of mine who has lived with Polio for 70 years just spoke the most amazing testimonial. I had to share so everyone can reap the benefits of my work and the healing power of my CBD Oils and Topicals.

She was on Tramadol for too many years to count. I started her on CBD oral and topical. Within a day, her pain began to cease. The only problem was sleep, and I said, this is not the CBD, this is the withdrawal from Tramadol! Sure enough, we slowly weaned her off the Tramadol, and now……my amazing Kathleen is pain free and sleeping! She said, “I cannot stop taking this ever, it’s amazing!”

With the colder temps, Kathleen has been experiencing a little more ache and pain, so we simply increased her CBD by 1/2 ML and she used the topical and today, she said when I asked about her pain, “With the little increase, NO PAIN! IT’S GONE. And I put the topical on my thumb and within seconds, the pain is gone!”

Hearing these results and testimonials is my greatest gift. Helping people heal is my greatest gift. Kathleen IS my greatest gift.

I am beyond grateful to do what I do and to help so many beautiful souls like Kathleen. I AM BLESSED!


Great Doctoring!

Mandi Babkes  has truly helped me with my health. She is an excellent listener and understands what is going on with your health. She uses this information and her expertise and applies it to how she is going to work with your Holistic treatment. As of this time she has been successful with me. Working with Mandi, we have been able to balance my blood sugar and bring my A1C down. She is a knowledgeable Lifestyle Coach and Healer.

Ted V.

The Human Cannabinoid System is Remarkable! Contact Me to Learn How to Bring Pharmaceutical Grade CBD Into Your Life and Your Healthcare Practice. mbabkes@greenroadswellness.com 412-417-0466

I am so excited to share my passion for Pharmaceutical Grade, Pristine, Pure, and POWERFUL CBD in my Practice and Passion. The power of CBD is absolutely incredible! The results are absolutely amazing! And to bring the healing power of CBD to my practice and passion. 





Mandi S. Babkes MNH, HHC, AADP, QRA, ERT





The Danger of “Interference Fields” and the Brilliance of QRA and Mud Packing. Answers to ALL of Your Questions.

Interference Fields and Mud Packing

Frequently Asked Q & A


Mandi S. Babkes MNH, HHC, AADP, QRA, ERT is a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner and Certified, Level III and Beyond Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA), Emotional Repolarization Technique (ERT), and Interference Field and Mud Packing Expert.

Mandi is masterfully versed on catering to individual needs to optimally and successfully heal your body physically, emotionally, and nutritionally. Mandi can and will up-regulate and balance your body, clear sedated channels and energy pathways, and restore coherence, balance, and connection to ensure homeostasis and pristine energy and health.


To Achieve Ultimate Health and Energy, Contact Mandi Today!



Q: Why does the body develop weak areas and interference fields?

A: A key reason why the body has developed weakened areas that create abnormal reflexes to other parts of the body is due to insufficient quality and quantity of nutrients at the time of the trauma or injury. Premier quality nutrients are essential for the body to heal itself, especially during times of trauma.

If the body does not have enough nutrients available at the time of the trauma or injury, then the area can become weakened. Once an area of the body has become weakened, it is more likely for toxic chemicals or metabolic toxins to accumulate there.

Our environment has become increasingly toxic. Over 20,000 new chemicals per year have entered our environment for the past 30 years. The result: more than 1 person in 2 in the U.S. is now chronically ill.

In addition, there has been a 50% reduction in the antioxidant nutriture in our food over the last 25 years. This is unfortunate because adequate levels of antioxidants are one of the major nutritional defense resources for the body. Interestingly, in research studies, 100% of Americans tested by the EPA were shown to have toxic plastics such as styrene in their fat. These toxic chemicals increase our risk of cancer, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and so much more, eroding our quality of life.

In addition, these toxins can block key pathways in the body, such as particular organs and glands. Now more than ever, we need a simple yet elegant way to keep our bodies detoxified.

Q: Have we overlooked an easy way to detoxify ourselves from this enormous chemical toxicity in order to protect ourselves?

A: Yes. If you’re suffering with any type of illness, especially chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivity or cancer, chemical toxicity can be a serious player. There is now a way to rapidly download years of exposure to heavy metals from metallic dental work, pesticides, plastics, dry cleaning chemicals, solvents, gasoline and much more.

Using a new therapy called Medi-Body PacksTM, you can detoxify yourself from the outside, externally pulling out toxins. This magnificent therapy works to help literally everyone. After a Medi-Body PackTM, you’ll be amazed at the difference in the way you feel.

Q: How can we easily detoxify ourselves?

A: By using the secret of the ancients — therapeutic body packs made from highly detoxifying, grade 10 clays, moor mud with special herbs simply applied on the outside of the body to troublesome sites — but first clearing the key download sites of the body. This simple but highly effective approach had helped hundreds of patients and when used properly, it has worked quickly and without complications.

Q: Is there any research on these muds and clays?

A: Yes. There is an enormous amount of research — over 840 worldwide clinical research studies are available on PubMed alone — which proves how extraordinarily effective these mud packs are — and how they work quickly, safely and effectively. Mud packs can quickly eliminate years of bio-accumulated toxins that impair nerve, lymphatic and the body’s energy flow (called “chi”). These accumulated toxins are known to delay healing or in many cases, prevent it altogether.

Q: What is so special about Medi-Body PacksTM?

A: Medi-Body PacksTM combine various unique earth substances to create an unusally strong synergy with a maximum cation binding capacity:

1) High cell resonance, unheated volcanic clay and unheated kaolin clay, rich in naturally occurring beneficial minerals and rare earths with high detoxification capacity — guaranteed toxin free.

2) Shilajit, a natural mineral resin from high mountainous areas of India, rich in key detoxifying organic acids.

3) Peat magma, a carbon matrix humate, rich in humic and fulvic acids, delivering critical nutrients to help the body heal itself.

These ingredients have been time proven over thousands of years by ancient healers and were used in many cultures. Medi-Body PackTM go a step further, however, to help the body download chemicals and plastics never seen on the earth in ancient times.

4) Medi-Body PackTM also deliver a full spectrum of synergistic botanical agents: South American sassurea, European bilberry, skullcap, French maritime pine bark, Ndian cardamom, fermented mycelial maitake extract, European beta sitosterol, wild blue green algae, grade A Japanese sunlit-grown chlorella (broken cell wall process), grade 10 Indian noni, Indian turmeric and more.

All these premier nutrients have been clinically tested to achieve the most rapid shift of tissue detoxification: the Quantum Nutrient Effect.

5) Each of the ingredients are exquisitely well-grown and free of toxic tagalongs. When they are combined together, their effect is far greater than the sum of their individual benefits by a factor of 2 to 100-fold or more. We call this the Quantum Nutrient Effect.

Q: How does the Medi-Body PackTM work?

A: As mentioned earlier, we all live in an era where everyone is now exposed to many toxic elements – in the air we breathe, in our food and water, in common cleaning products and body care products. Whatever you put on your skin, you are actually eating because it can be absorbed internally and go into systemic circulation.

Consequently, for most people, the connective tissue of their bodies has become saturated with many toxic chemical residues that have gradually deposited there over time. Proof of this was shown in an EPA study where 100% of tested subjects had accumulated toxic chemicals in their fat tissue, such as dioxins and pesticides. These stored toxins can act to disrupt normal body physiology and function.

To detoxify these chemicals, natural, highly charged clays, shilajit, humates and detoxifying herbs have been brought together for the first time in the same product. Centuries-proven therapies from all over the earth have come together to make PRL’s clinically proven Medi-Body PackTM.

The natural detoxifiers in the Medi-Body PackTM are highly negatively charged. Toxic, synthetic chemicals are positively charged. When the wetted mixture of the Medi-Body PackTM is applied to your skin, an osmotic pulling effect occurs where the positively charged ions of the chemical toxins are attracted to the negatively charged ions of the natural clays, acting to draw them out of the body. After massaging the mixture into the target area, you then simply wash off the spent detoxifying mixture.

Q: Can these mud packs trigger a wholesale toxin release?

A: Yes, in certain cases, even single ingredients of the Medi-Body PackTM have been shown to eliminate up to 50% of the local bio-accumulation of toxic elements in a just one application.

Q: Can these mud packs help scars?

A: Yes. Acupuncturists and naturopaths have been concerned about re-establishing normal energy flow through traumatized areas especially scar areas. Many acupuncturists tell us that the mud packs work better than any technique that they have seen so far to quickly and permanently eliminate scar interference fields and quickly reestablish the normal energy flow through the scar — which is critical for best organ and gland function — since many of the scars can reflex to organs and glands and slow down or impede their optimal functioning.

After using the Medi-Body PacksTM, we often see dramatic clinical results because the toxic, stagnated areas can be quickly cleared — thus allowing the free flow of bio-energy into the area again — so the body can once again begin healing itself.

These areas of hidden body toxicity are one of the most overlooked factors that prevent the body from healing.

Q: Can you tell us some experiences using the Medi-Body PacksTM?

A: Of course. We have hundreds of exiciting success sotries using the Medi-Body PacksTM. Here’s a few interesting cases.

Clearing TMJ Symptoms. One acupuncturist wrote, “In a single application of a Medi-Body PackTM to my left TMJ area, all TMJ symptoms cleared after years of other therapies that didn’t work. I’ve also seen many other spectacular overnight results using Medi-Body PacksTM. Definitely one of the more profound, overlooked therapies of today — clearing hidden toxicity.”

Painful, Swollen Hands. A medical doctor in San Antonio has had an extraordinary case of a older woman exuding very painful crystals from her hands. With just two or three Medi-Body PacksTM applied to the hands and the bottoms of the feet, all the redness, swelling, pain and discharge of crystals cleared completely. She had seen a long list of practitioners over the past 8 years with no help.

Chronic, Stiff Neck. In another case, a chiropractor in Torrance, CA used Medi-Body PacksTM to relieve a middle-aged man with a chronic, long-standing stiff neck that interfered with normal sleep and was so painful it interfered with daily tasks as well. This condition was resistant to all other previous therapies. After using just 3 Medi-Body PacksTM at the site on the neck, he achieved complete relief.

Q: How do you know when a target body site has been detoxified?

A: Your practitioner can test you using QRATM (Quantum Reflex Analysis) muscle testing to determine if an area has been cleared and now tests strong. In general, if an area tests strong with QRATM Level III (a challenge muscle test using 4 stress-taps), then the area is considered to be clear.

Since 1925, European doctors have done a considerable amount of research showing that old scars (or sites of previous trauma, such as a whiplash, falls, internal surgical pins, etc.) can create an interference field which reflexes to distant, unrelated body sites to create unexplainable pain, fatigue, allergies, physiological dysfunction and many more symptoms — that are resistant to treatment. Researchers found that a traumatized area such as an old scar acted like a stagnant, toxic pool, preventing the normal flow of the body’s governing electromagnetic circuits. They proved that there is a measurable voltage buildup against the scar, with the scar in effect acting like an electrical “short” in the body’s bio-energy field.

Through biopsies, they found that the immediate area adjacent to a scar had often become highly toxic – with a greater than normal deposition of accumulated infectious material and metabolic toxins (but unseen to the human eye) – explaining why the area acted like an bio-energetic blockage. They observed that their patients usually did not complain about a scar area itself — but they were able to prove that it was the scar areas that were the culprits in creating unresolvable symptoms.

Applying the Medi-Body PackTM over scar areas can help to rapidly cleanse and detoxify the accumulated bio-toxicity around the scar and help the body re-establish its own normal bio-electromagnetic flow. Our clinical experience has proven that the Packs are immensely helpful in aiding the healing process throughout the body.

Below is a photo of my beautiful and amazing soul whom I have been helping to heal. This is a mud packing session to clear Interference Fields and sedation from a neck and shoulder impact and trauma. (Whiplash and nerve sedation) These traumas have resulted in vertigo issues, dizzy spells, neck and shoulder tension and weakness, and sedation to the upregulation and assimilation of key minerals for balance, bone metabolism, kidney health, and thyroid, hormone, and metabolic balance. This mud packing session opened up flow and energy and restored coherence and “turned on” her parasympathetic nervous system.

Beautiful healing at work!








Below is a photo of one of my most prized and sweetest kiddos that I am currently healing. This is a mud packing session to clear a primary and recent vaccination site and the underlying and prior series of vaccines when he was even younger. These Interference Fields are choking the flow of blood and oxygen and lymph, sedating energy and nutrient uptake and pathways, compromising immunity and cellular health, and creating static toxicity from the overwhelming toxic chemicals and substances that come with vaccines. Our mud packing session alleviated the traumas, cleared the toxicity, and reconnected communication and flow between each and every organ and gland system in his body. Brilliant healing and happiness at work!




Holy Heirlooms!!!!


I am so blessed and grateful for my green thumb, my loving garden angels, and Mother Nature! What to do with these beauties; tomato salad perhaps!


Chopped tomatoes, chopped peppers, cucumber sliced or chopped, a slathering of olive oil, a Tbsp. of coconut or balsamic vingear, a squeeze or 2 of lemon juice, cracked pepper and pink salt, AND chopped, fresh basil. Toss and chill and ENJOY!!! ?


image image image

What Is Still In Your Childs School Lunch?

Part 2: Four More Ways to Make a Change

First, let’s hear from Mandi Babkes, MNH, HHC, AADP, QRA with Holistic Health with Mandi:

“According to the school district in which this lunch was presented, ‘All menus exceed Federal guidelines Recommended Daily Allowances and are planned by a Registered Dietitian… all schools will have at a minimum of one fresh fruit and vegetable offering each day.’ Are these dietitians and school representatives seeing the same meal as we are in this photo?

Corn chips and saturated, fat-laden potatoes cannot be considered a fresh vegetable. And this orangish-red, Jell-o-ish substance (see actual Jell-o ingredient label with cautionary ingredients in red) is far from fresh fruit. The website Sugar Stacks is devoted to breaking down nutritional values and percentages of sugar in foods. Jell-o is actually loaded with calories and sugar.

The sandwich, which is quite difficult to even predict exactly what it consists of, is presented on a white, bleached flour bun which holds absolutely zero nutritional value, zero fiber and zero whole-grain goodness.


The Power of Antioxidants-What You Should Know!


Cells are the building blocks of every human being. Each and every one of us are made up of trillions and trillions of cells, working together to build and maintain every aspect of your body including your skin, every tissue, and every organ. Each and every cell, so minute yet so powerful, possesses characteristics and qualities that truly exemplify life and the human body. Without proper cellular function, our bodies struggle and ultimately suffer from disease and free radical attack.

What are free radicals? The human body and all of its cells require oxygen to survive. Oxygen provides energy throughout the body, and “energy is essential for every physical activity, from breathing to thinking, from having sex to keeping our hearts beating.” (16) When energy is produced via oxygen, free radicals are also released throughout the body. Free radicals wreak havoc on cell structures, damaging and creating disease, increasing the aging process, and early death. But there is a positive to free radicals also!

You ask, how can that be? Despite the harm done by free radicals,  “Free radicals also perform many critical functions in our bodies, from controlling the flow of blood through our arteries, to fighting infection, to keeping our brains sharp and in focus.” (23) Therefore, cells and free radicals are somewhat like partners in crime, working together to maintain balance. Often times our cells that are affiliated with immunity produce nitric oxide and superoxide to ward off and kill bacteria and viruses invading our bodies. These substances are essentially free radicals and yes, they do good in a situation such as this. In fact, “many cancer drugs are actually designed to increase the production of free radicals in the body,” and this results in killing cancer cells. (24) In circumstances such as this, cells and free radicals are working together to make a positive impact on our bodies, but  ideally, the cells need to stay in control to maintain balance and prevent free radicals from getting out of control. Cells must be nourished properly to continue to have the ability to quench the other more detrimental free radicals before they escape, invade, and plan their sole attacks. Free radicals will cause damage in the long run. Unless we maintain proper balance throughout the body and nourish our bodies on a cellular level, our health will be jeopardized and ultimately destroyed.


How do we protect ourselves from free radical attack?


Antioxidants are the key protectors from free radical attack. Amazing protectors, antioxidants defend and nourish the body and cells and fight off free radicals and deadly oxidation processes that create disease. When food spoils, it becomes oxidized, and this is precisely what can and will occur throughout the body unless we protect ourselves and our cells with antioxidants. Biological oxidation however, similar to saran wrap placed over food or preservatives added to preserve freshness, establishes cell energy (through the conversion of nutrients into cellular energy via the mitochondria in the cell) But the invading free radicals also enter into this process and try to overwhelm the body and the cells and destroy this energy. Antioxidants play a major role in keeping proper balance and “quenching free radicals wherever they may be, so that they cannot spread their destruction to other cells.” (17) A true defense network, antioxidants are essential key players in cellular and whole body health.


The Key Network Antioxidants


Antioxidants are produced by the body as well as obtained from foods and supplements. Five network antioxidants work together as a team of sorts to protect and strengthen the body as a whole. The most amazing quality that these five players possess is that together, “they can recycle, or regenerate, one another after they have quenched a free radical, vastly extending their antioxidant power.” (17) This in turn keeps the ball rolling while maintaining antioxidant power, balance, and healthy living cells. Although the network antioxidants work together, each of the five has individual roles that focus on their unique duties within the cell while complimenting each other as a whole. Because a cell is about 100% water, but protected by a membrane of fat and lipids, the proper antioxidants must protect the correct parts of the cell depending upon their qualities; that is whether they are fat soluble, water soluble, or in special cases, both. As we know, oil and water don’t mix, and this is also the case when it comes to cells and antioxidants. Therefore, water mixes with water and fat with fat! Here are the five essential network antioxidants and the powers they possess.

Lipoic Acid

Lipoic acid has made an extreme mark in the United States after many years of fame throughout Europe. Thought to be unimportant at one time, lipoic acid is now acclaimed in the U.S. for its protection against diabetes, stroke, and heart disease. (19) A leader for all the antioxidants, lipoic acid increases all levels of every antioxidant defense network. As I mentioned, antioxidants work together, boosting and aiding each other to perform adequately and to their fullest potential. Glutathione, an antioxidant that is not always absorbed well by the body alone, gets a major boost from lipoic acid and lipoic acid in turn recycles glutathione. Packer Labs has shown that lipoic acid can boost glutathione by 30%! (19) This major defensive partnership rids the body and cells of toxins and increases the levels of both lipoic acid and glutathione throughout the body. And if that’s not enough, lipoic acid is the only antioxidant that can cross both the fatty and watery parts of the cell! Yes, with lipoic acid, water and oil do mix. And it can recycle itself alone from it’s free radical state back to its antioxidant state, as well as recycling the other network antioxidants. A major energy source, without lipoic acid, cells cannot function and produce energy and without energy, the cell will die.

Vitamin E

Obtained primarily from sources outside of the body and cells, vitamin E must be supplemented to assure adequate levels throughout the body. Vitamin E is the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidant. Lipoproteins carry Vitamin E through the body and protect from oxidation. Oxidation of lipoproteins has been shown to be the leading cause of hardening of the arteries which eventually will lead to heart disease if untreated. Vitamin E has the amazing power to prevent the fat in our blood from oxidizing and going rancid, again similar to how preservatives protect food from spoilage. When our blood remains healthy, our levels of cholesterol maintain balanced and our hearts, arteries, and genetic material (DNA) stay strong and healthy. When someone has high levels of LDL (bad cholesterol), the oxidation of low-density proteins are not being prevented by antioxidants like vitamin E. Therefore, Vitamin E is very important in the prevention of heart disease. Other studies have shown that Vitamin E plays a major role in prostate cancer prevention and Alzheimer’s disease. (19) UV radiation and ozone which damages the skin and promotes cancer can be protected from vitamin E, as well as inflammation and arthritis. (54) Vitamin E has an amazing history, beginning with its discovery in 1922 as a result of rats eating lettuce and being able to carry fetus’s full term, contrary to the case without being fed lettuce. As a result of wheat germ oil and tocopherols discovered as the substance in the lettuce, vitamin E became a winner among the antioxidants and continues to thrive. Vitamin E is a true champion at warding off free radicals, promoting longevity, and protecting the body and immune system,


Vitamin C

Vitamin C is water soluble and is not produced by the body at all. Therefore we must obtain vitamin C from external sources, supplements, and food. As we know, vitamin C has always been a “go to” for cold prevention and treatment, but overall, the reason for this is because vitamin C is a strong immune system booster and supporter. Everyone, especially those individuals with compromised immune systems, should supplement with Vitamin C! Vitamin C regenerates vitamin E, preventing the oxidation of lipoproteins. It also protects against cataracts, protects sperm from free radical damage, prevents cancer by shielding DNA from free radical damage, and produces collagen to maintain healthy skin. (77-78) Vitamin C is the bridge between the fat and water soluble antioxidants, connecting and maintaining the network.


Coenzyme Q10

Working as a team with vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 is another fat soluble antioxidant that protects the cell membrane (fatty area). Research has shown that CoQ10 aids in heart failure, angina, and high blood pressure. In addition, CoQ10 is being used to treat cancer, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s. (20) Recent research has shown CoQ10 to be a positive factor in treating breast cancer as well as gum disease. CoQ10 is a coenzyme, working with an enzyme (protein found in living cells) to bring about chemical changes. (93) Known as the “cellular spark plug,” CoQ10 jumps the body like jumper cables do to a car, sustaining energy and preventing fatigue through production of ATP (fuel for the body).  And like the other network antioxidants, CoQ10 quenches free radicals and recycles Vitamin E, aiding in lipoprotein protection. As we age, CoQ10 decreases and this is why it is crucial to supplement.  CoQ10 is found in salmon and organ meats, but for the all human beings, especially vegetarians, adequate CoQ10 levels will not be achieved and maintained without proper supplementation.



.Glutathione is produced by the body through three amino acids, the building blocks of protein, found in food; glutamic acid, cysteine, and glycine. (20) A true champion against free radical, glutathione is most abundant throughout every cell. However, as we age, glutathione decreases so although it is most abundant, it is imperative to maintain adequate levels, especially past the age of forty. Low levels have been proven to result in early death and diseases of all kinds. The best way to prevent this is to always maintain high levels of glutathione throughout life at any age. Lipoic acid boosts levels of glutathione, as mentioned, and it is the primary water-soluble antioxidant, recycling the oxidized form of vitamin C and restoring its antioxidant power. (105) A great detoxifier, glutathione rids the liver and body of pollutants and toxins. In addition, like the other network antioxidants, glutathione boosts immunity and longevity. Without glutathione, the liver cannot function properly, which will result in a buildup of toxin that can cause liver poisoning. (108)


The Network Boosters


There name says it all! And here they are……..


The Flavanoids

Plant based Flavanoids like Ginkgo Biloba and Pycnogenol are true winners when it comes to boosting the antioxidant network. Anti-inflammatory, immune boosting, and healthy heart boosters, the flavanoids are exceptional compounds (4,000+) found in the pigments of leaves, barks, rinds, seeds, and flowers. (138) Because flavanoids are not produced by the body, it is a good thing that they are so abundant in plants, veggies and fruits, and even teas and wine. Part of the polyphenol family of molecules, flavanoids differ in their antioxidant powers depending upon their molecular structure. Flavanoids work very well with vitamin C by recovering vitamin C after it has attacked free radicals and therefore restoring its antioxidant power. In turn, this enhances vitamin E and the entire network. The combination of flavanoids found in Pycnogenol (pine bark extract) and Ginkgo Biloba extract have proven to be winners as network boosters. Balancing nitric oxide and keeping levels healthy for optimum health, these two flvanoids maintain proper levels of nitric oxide and prevent this free radical from turning from good to bad. (As in the case with cancer) Ginkgo has been used for centuries by the Chinese as a medicinal tree (leaves and fruit), used for better circulation, improving impotence due to better circulation, heart health, memory, reducing inflammation and overall well being.  Pycnogenol has been used dating back to Hippocrates for many ailments including inflammation and immunity. Comprised of forty different antioxidants, pycnogenol works closely with vitamin C, extending its life and recycling it back to its antioxidant form. (126) It also boosts vitamin E and glutathione production and comes in first when it comes to quenching free radicals (superoxide, nitric oxide, hydroxyl radical) Flavanoids as a whole promote wellness, aiding in chronic fatigue, immunity, longevity, attention-deficit disorder, and overall mental function.


The Carotenoids

The caratenoids are found in both plants and animals, produced by bacteria, algae, fungi, and plants, but humans obtain them from foods. (134) There are six main carotenoids; alpha carotene, beta carotene, cryptoxanthin, lutein, lycopene, and zeaxanthin. Very much affiliated with cancer, it has been shown that carotenoids diminish the growth of cancer. High levels of carotenoids show lower risks of cancer overall. There has been quite a bit of confusion and controversy concerning carotenoids and whether they are truly beneficial, but with the studies and results over the years, it is my belief along with the beliefs of many that carotenoids are in fact beneficial, especially when taken in a mixed dose of carotenoids. Studies have shown boosts in immunity, cancer protection, especially in reference to lycopene found in tomatoes, heart disease prevention due to beta-carotene found in carrots, and excellent eye heath and vision thanks to carotenoids, found in dark green leafy veggies.



Selenium is an excellent booster, working with vitamin E to protect against stroke, heart disease, cancer, and even AIDS. A trace mineral, selenium is found in foods and water and is not produced by the body. Egg yolks, onions, garlic, wheat germ, red grapes, and broccoli are all sources of selenium. (142) As a helper in producing enzymes that impact the network antioxidants, selenium is powerful in ridding the body of toxins. Caution must be taken with selenium, as only a very small amount is necessary and in excess, it can be toxic. Only recently, an amazing discovery was made in China concerning selenium. Keshan’s disease, associated with cardiomyopathy, became very prevalent in China. The soil was known to be very low in selenium levels, and therefore the foods grown in the soil were also very low in selenium. A selenium deficiency was the result and cause of Keshan’s. In 1974, supplementation began in a double-blind study and within two years, Keshan’s disease ended and supplementation became a way of life.
To achieve optimum antioxidant power, a plan must be followed!

-Seven to Ten or even more servings of antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables per day

Bright orange and yellow, apples, berries, citrus, carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower, onions and garlic, dark greens, red grapes and wine, teas, tumeric, walnuts, organic produce, the skins which are nutrient packed

-Limit fat consumption to about 30% of daily calories and eat raw, unhydrogenated oils such as olive, sesame, and flaxseed

-Follow the cocktail in two doses, a.m. and p.m. with food

-Always discuss supplementation with your doctor


A.M.                                    P.M.


Vitamin E Family                        Vitamin E Family

100 mg tocotrienols                        200 mg natural alpha

200 mg mixed tocopherols                        tocopherol


CoQ10                                Lipoic Acid

30 mg CoQ10                            50 mg lipoic acid


Lipoic Acid                            Vitamin C

50mg lipoic acid                            250 mg ester C


Vitamin C                            Ginkgo Biloba

250 mg ester vitamin C                        30 mg ginkgo biloba


Folic Acid                            Selenium

400 mcg biotin                            200 mcg selenium


Vitamin B6

2mg vitamin B6


Selecting the best of the best is of most importance! Never settle when it comes to your health and your supplementation! Always buy “natural” rather than synthetic or petroleum based. (Vitamin E)


Special Needs (to be taken either a.m. or p.m. in addition to above)




100 mg lipoic acid

100 mg tocotrienols

50 mg CoQ10

20 mg pycnogenol

100 mg biotin




100 mg lipoic acid

1,000 mg GLA capsule

200 mcg chromium

100 mg biotin




250 mg L-carnitine


Menopausal Women:


1,200 mg calcium

100 mg tocotrienols


Cancer Risk:


100 mg lipoic acid

100 mg tocotrienols

50 mg CoQ10

20 mg Pycnogenol

100 mg biotin


Cardiovascular Risk:


50 mg CoQ10

100 mg tocotrienols (p.m.)

100 mg lipoic acid

100 mg biotin

20 mg Pycnogenol


Picky Eaters:


Flavanoid Complex


Mixed caratenoid complex


Beauty Secrets:


Your skin is your largest organ, exposed to free radicals daily. It is essential to protect your skin!

Vitamin C helps to produce collagen, and when applied directly to the skin in a cream, it helps supply blood, reduces inflammation, adds glow, diminishes lines and wrinkle, prevents UV damage,

And evens skin tone. A low Ph cream or serum is best absorbed.

Vitamin E is essential too, especially for the outdoors folk. Vitamin E is a leader in protecting against UV radiation, minimizes age related signs, and diminishes lines, wrinkle, and damage.

Pycnogenol aids vitamin C and maintains vibrant skin. It protects collagen from free radicals, strengthens capillaries, protects against UV damage, and acts as an anti-inflammatory, especially for sensitive skin. (204)


With the Power of Antioxidants, Network Boosters, and Healthy Diet and Lifestyle, we have the Power to Achieve Optimum Health, Longevity, and Exceptional Quality of Life!


Packer, Lester Ph.D, & Colman, Carol (1999). The Antioxidant Miracle. Canada: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.