Mandi, I am so grateful for how you are helping me heal. It’s UNREAL!!! I can’t even express to you how much I appreciate you ❤️

I am so grateful for finding you Mandi. In only a month or so of working with you, I have felt better than I have in so many months of despair. It’s so true!

I’ve had lazy days for sure, but I haven’t had days where I can’t get out of bed. This was my state for months and I did not ever think it would end.

After a diagnosis, I was afraid of so much. I was left with so much fear, as well as misdirection, restriction, and confusion from medical guidance. Mandi has helped  me to understand the correlation of my fears and emotions to my physical ailments. I am overcoming So much and nurturing my body, mind, and soul now. I am truly healing.

Mandi has been helping me to understand my body, diet, and my emotional and energetic connection to everything.

I continue to follow Mandi’s guidance with herbal, nutritional, emotional, and intuitive support, and the changes are remarkable.

Mandi, I am so grateful for how you’re helping me heal. Even before when I had my stomach episodes, I would spend the next couple of days defeated & depressed. This past time, after I talked to you, I got confidence back & didn’t cower in my bed for days. It’s unreal!!! Thank you for being someone I can finally trust and know cares. I can’t even express to you how much I appreciate you. ❤️


Holy Heirlooms!!!!


I am so blessed and grateful for my green thumb, my loving garden angels, and Mother Nature! What to do with these beauties; tomato salad perhaps!


Chopped tomatoes, chopped peppers, cucumber sliced or chopped, a slathering of olive oil, a Tbsp. of coconut or balsamic vingear, a squeeze or 2 of lemon juice, cracked pepper and pink salt, AND chopped, fresh basil. Toss and chill and ENJOY!!! ?


image image image

26.2 Miles on May 2nd 2010

tri_1I have accomplished what many believed to be an impossible feat. But let me assure you that this is not the first and it won’t be the last “impossible” feat that I accomplish! Some said, “you’re a woman…you can’t do that!” Others said, “Mandi…’re not an elite athlete….are you sure you want to put your body through this and are you sure your body can handle this?” And all too many times I heard, “How will you do this eating the way that you do?”  I replied, “You mean without giant white flour pasta dinners, fake food bars, Muscle Man shakes, and mass amounts of animal proteins and empty calories?” And then, once I started the training and it was assured that YES, I was taking on this endeavor, I began to hear, “if you don’t do it or feel like you can’t, you are not a failure and don’t beat yourself up…just do the best that you can.” Oh YES, I did the best that I can….better than the best that I can! I achieved and conquered and most definitely reconfirmed my belief and motto that we DO have the ability to accomplish anything and everything that we put our minds and bodies to! And to the skeptics and the non-believers, I say, “YES WE CAN, YES I DID, AND YES, YOU CAN TOO!!!”


But how did I do this? A woman who was overweight throughout childhood, anorexic for several years, suffered from numerous and severe health issues, endured a stress fracture in my hip that almost made me face a hip replacement, suffered from nutritional deficiencies and nerve damage in my legs to the point that I had difficulty walking, medicated and self medicated for at least half of my almost 33 years of existence, and now as a RAW VEGAN!!! (for about  5 years) Again I say, “We have the power to change those things in our lives that are far from great and make the greatest of things even greater!”  And as far as our bodies are concerned, OUR TEMPLES AS I LIKE TO CALL THEM, if we take care of them,  listen to them, clean them and build them back up, and nurture them, anything is reversible, everyone can heal, and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

So, where do I begin on my journey to 26.2 miles in just about 4 hours (probably under due to my need to pea a few times at the beginning of the race….hydration has its priceJ) Next time, and there will be a next time, I think I’ll do what the elites do and just pea as I run…..time is of the essence!

There is a lot of information for just one entry… perhaps I will break things up a bit and share  a few entries concerning my journey and what potentially can be an aid for your journey or journeys ahead of you! Who knows….maybe you’ll be running with me in my next venture or maybe I can help you reach that AHA! Moment if “YES YOU CAN!” I certainly hope that this will be the case!

KEY POINTS For Eating Raw and Vegan as an athlete or aspiring athlete, marathon trainee, or even just a person who aspires to be physically fit and healthy! (And this goes for those non raw vegans out there too!)

  1. Calorie, Carbohydrate, and Protein Intake is Important, But Choosing the Right Options is Even More Important! When training, it is a wonder how we can replenish the 1000’s of calories that we burn in order to stay energized and nourished as a raw vegan. Here are some of my options that worked for me and I am most certain will work for you without following the athletic regime of pastas, sugary, fake sports drinks and muscle building protein shakes.

-Keep in mind that amino acids are the basis of protein….and a plant based diet is certainly full of amino acids, just not in the form of animal protein! When we blend greens and juice greens, we receive the most amazing benefits; energy, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and healthy daily detoxification.  So…..GREEN SMOOTHIES AND GREEN JUICES…..A MUST! Add in plant based protein powders and green powders for an additional boost! YES…I carry these…just ask if you’re interested!

-Sprouts of all kinds are one of the most amazing complete and nutritional foods on the planet! They are rich in enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, and phytochemicals.

-Coconut!!! Oil, Butter, Water……excellent for training and a staple in my regime! (And my Raweos of course-full of coconut cacao goodness!)

-Buckwheat and Sprouted Grains! An excellent sulfur food that detoxifies and energizes while giving the body a source of plant based carbohydrates!

I truly believe that the reason why people get sick during training or running a marathon is because of the mass amounts of pastas that they feel compelled to eat before long runs. Do you know how long it takes to break down these carbs….and better yet…how long it takes to break down animal proteins eaten with these carbs? It could take up to ½ a day to break down and digest, so therefore, this meal is still sitting in the belly of the runner that is bound to get cramping, vomiting, indigestion, heaviness and bloating, etc. It is No Wonder that there were people expelling bodily fluids and dropping out during the race while I continued along feeling strong after a meal of greens, coconut, seeds, nuts, and cacao the evening before 26.2!


-Water with Liquid Minerals-Polar Mins, which I carry from PRL, are essential to replenish not only fluid loss, but also the mineral loss from training. My drink concoction always consisted of water, liquid minerals, liquid B vitamins, CoQuinol, Green Tea, lemon juice, and Coconut Palm Sugar! I also drank coconut water to replenish electrolytes too!

-Seaweeds-Dulse especially replenishes salts and minerals, fulfills amino acids, trace minerals, IRON…..a must for women and vegans, vitamins, and the benefits go on and on…….(note on iron; it may be necessary  to supplement with a food based iron supplement due to low levels caused by exertion and menstruation)

-Soaked Seeds and Nuts/Nut Butters-Excellent source of calories, healthy fats, protein.

-Essential Fatty Acids- EFA Oil

– Careful attention to Adrenal Burnout is a must!  Supplementation with Magnesium, L-Glutamine, Vitamin C,  and an Adrenal Supplement like Adrenal Response, along with at least 5 straight hours of sleep a night and careful attention to rest, rest, rest and recovery is essential! (Thank you Nanized Liquid Melatonin too!)

-Strength training, stretching, pilates, and yoga-a combination of body work sustains and strengthens our temples! Upper body and lower body are equally important….those arms can pull you through when those legs get tired, and core strength power is essential to posture and power!


OK…..I’m running on and on…..and want to literally head out for a run now, so stay tuned for more! In the meantime, please feel free to contact me for additional info. And insight!


Blissfully Yours,