Mandi, I am so grateful for how you are helping me heal. It’s UNREAL!!! I can’t even express to you how much I appreciate you ❤️

I am so grateful for finding you Mandi. In only a month or so of working with you, I have felt better than I have in so many months of despair. It’s so true!

I’ve had lazy days for sure, but I haven’t had days where I can’t get out of bed. This was my state for months and I did not ever think it would end.

After a diagnosis, I was afraid of so much. I was left with so much fear, as well as misdirection, restriction, and confusion from medical guidance. Mandi has helped  me to understand the correlation of my fears and emotions to my physical ailments. I am overcoming So much and nurturing my body, mind, and soul now. I am truly healing.

Mandi has been helping me to understand my body, diet, and my emotional and energetic connection to everything.

I continue to follow Mandi’s guidance with herbal, nutritional, emotional, and intuitive support, and the changes are remarkable.

Mandi, I am so grateful for how you’re helping me heal. Even before when I had my stomach episodes, I would spend the next couple of days defeated & depressed. This past time, after I talked to you, I got confidence back & didn’t cower in my bed for days. It’s unreal!!! Thank you for being someone I can finally trust and know cares. I can’t even express to you how much I appreciate you. ❤️


Greatest Gift Receiving This Message. Truly Blessed, Tears In My Eyes. So Grateful!

I wanted to say, the work we did at our last session really changed things for me. I really felt something shift inside me and I know I’m on the path toward healing that I didn’t think was possible before I met you. I feel so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you.


Testimonial to Mandi Babkes and Beau!



I first off would like to say, Mandi is like a second Mother to me! She is so loving and caring! I joke with her about how marvelous she is and seeing her in person and getting to talk with her is most marvelous. Mandi is more like a therapist to me. You could be in the worst mood or times of your life, and this wonder woman, with her big heart and revolutionizing energy and healing, will make you leave with the biggest smile and guaranteed to leave better than you came.

This is what I love most about Mandi’s holistic healing-she makes you feel alive and heals you with her energy and words. I would recommend her to anyone!

She also has been through a lot, so she understands what’s going on, she is intuitive, she knows what herbs you need, dietary recommendations, emotional and psychological support, and a whole host of other alternative healing remedies and modalities.

She is also like a best friend to me. She is so nice and full of energy and cares so much. I could sense this the very first time I talked to her on the phone. Seeing Mandi one on one is definitely worth doing. You will not regret it! Her healing and words, you have to experience it for yourself! She is an amazing person! And so is lovely Beau, her pup and assistant. He radiates her energy in him! He is so nice and cuddly, it’s a two for one deal! 🙂

My body and adrenals were so compromised, physically and emotionally. I couldn’t even drink water and was so sick. If Mandi can help with that, she can do anything!!!! Thanks Mandi!!! XOXO —Brendan

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Mandi S. Babkes MNH, HHC, AADP, QRA, ERT
Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner
Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner
Emotional Repolarization Technique Practitioner
Hypnotherapy and Psycho-Hypnotherapy
Meditation Techniques for Healing Mind, Body, and Soul
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