-Janet T

I’m a 57 yr. old woman who had been struggling with digestion issues, sleep issues and elimination issues.  Yes, I was a mess.  And then I met Mandi.  A friend of mine recommended her.  I was willing to try anything.  Well six months later, I sleep through the night, I am no longer constipated and bloated, and I can eat again.  Mandi taught me so much!  How a congested gallbladder can be the reason for sleep problems.  How bugs and poor flora can cause digestion issues.  How to get your whole power chain working the way it is SUPPOSED to work.  No more waking up at 2am, no more upset stomach every time I eat out.  Mandi’s program requires a commitment…both financially and to the individual program she designs for you.  But it is so worth it.  If you want your health back, no, if you want your life back go see Mandi!


-Janet T.