Just wanted to share our story with your current and future clients.

 I am a healthy, active 47 year old female.  I was diagnosed with uterine fibroids in August 2010 after they showed up on an MRI that was ordered for a sports injury. My doctor and physical therapist diagnosed a herniated disc but were also concerned about the three fibroids that were on the lining of my uterus.  I went to an ob gyn who specializes in fibroid treatment. We discussed an embolization procedure, which is a procedure that cuts off the blood supply to the fibroids. As long as you are pre menopausal, however, there is a good chance that they will come back. Uterine fibroids are fed by estrogen and until you are in menopause, you learn to live with them, get the embolization or have a hysterectomy.  We decided that watchful waiting was the best approach. By May 2011, I was having irregular painful periods, bloating and many symptoms of estrogen dominance. I made an appointment with the specialist, resigned to the fact that I would probably need the embolization. But as a last ditch effort I thought I would try to work with Mandi to see if there was an alternative. By June I was feeling such relief that I cancelled the doctor appointment. I continued to work with Mandi all summer  When I returned to the Ob Gyn for my one year check up in September, there were no signs of any fibroids! The doctor said that it must have been a result of the work that I’ve been doing with Mandi! In addition to the fibroid relief, Mandi is helping me through a difficult perimenopause with natural hormone replacement. The ” bio identical” progesterone (pill form) that the doctor prescribed gave me horrible side effects. Mandi made me realize that I would do much better with progesterone cream as well as supplements. My anxiety, mood swings and bloating are gone and my energy is back! I now feel that I have a true ally in my march through mid life! I believe in staying healthy and working on prevention. I am so grateful for the care and support that Mandi has provided.

Love you!
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