I am PhD student and one of the best long distance runners in Slovenia

I am PhD student and one of the best long distance runners in Slovenia. In the beginning of  this year, I suffered from femoral neck stress fracture, which is one of the most difficult and serious injuries for the athletes. I was completely down, devastated and frustrated. I took a long rest, but despite doing nothing the fracture didn` t heal. My doctor advised me to put pins into my hip and thus I could forget my big dream- to compete at Olympics in 2016 in marathon. While reading about the injury I found Mandi, who also suffered from the same type of injury and was also told to never run again. But she managed to conquer this injury and she is healthier now than ever and she is running again marathons and triathlons as well. She was such an inspiration for me, she brought hope again into my life. I gave her a phone call and she offered me consultations. She lifted me up mentally and physically, because she recommended me to introduce more natural and raw food into my diet. She also sent me some food supplements, based on natural food. And it turned out it really works! This was confirmed by 3 independent investigations: the X-ray, the MRI and finally the bone scanning. Now I am  gradually coming back on running tracks healthier and stronger than ever! I also enjoy staying on vegetarian diet, with emphasis on raw food and I love drinking my green smoothies every day! So thanks Mandi! You` re the best!
Leon Bedrac
Have  great day,
– Leon 🙂