Thank you Mandi!

Thank you Mandi!  You are the answer to my prayers.  You are a breath of fresh air in my life.  You’re energy rubs off on me and always gives me the lift that I need. To be honest, I could never put into words how I feel about what you have done for me and the miracle of you.

I have been to many holistic doctors in the past but none can compare to Mandi’s passion, dedication and knowledge.  Her mission is to help people get healthy by making herself available through appointments, emails, phone calls and texting 7 days a week.  Again, this is something I was not used to with other holistic doctors.

After years of chronic fatigue and feeling bad, Mandi was able to quickly identify my issues.  She has helped balance my hormones and get rid of parasites and infections that have haunted me for so many years  through nutritional support catered to my body’s specific needs, mud-packing, castor oil packs and addressing the emotional connection through ERT and affirmative work.

I can honestly say that I feel better today than I have felt in many, many years.

I continue to see Mandi periodically when an issue arises or to just stay on track.

I look forward to a bright, healthy future thanks to Mandi.


beforeThis week marks the one year anniversary of the day my husband collapsed. He lay on the floor, unable to move. After many tests and medications, the doctors recommended an implant to regulate his spinal fluid pressure. We had nothing to lose. My husband couldn’t standup or walk. Conversations with him were like talking to a child. His short tem memory was gone. He got the implant. His dizziness was worse, not better. His memory did not improve. He knew something was
n’t right but only got frustrated because words would not even come to mind.The modern medicalr system wanted to keep him in a nursing home and overmedicated. He was not getting better. He is only 63 years old. He didn’t want to be shut away in a home for the rest of his life.
afterI was very lucky the day a friend recommended Mandi Babke to me. I knew since traditional medicine had failed my husband, I needed to try a holistic approach. Though it is not covered by healthcare plans, it was worth every penny to get my husband back. Mandi was the right person for the job. My husband has all his functions back. He can walk without any assistance. His cognition skills are actually better than before the
incident. He can express himself without any problems. His confidence is back. Today, he is a software engineer and is back at work. Mandi is a miracle worker in my book.
Linda L.

I started consulting with Mandi in May 2013

I started consulting with Mandi in May 2013. My husband and I had just moved to Pittsburgh, and I was ready for a new start and some new health in my life. I had struggled with digestive issues all of my life, and more recently had bouts of vertigo with no identifiable cause.

These issues were affecting my daily life as well as my ability to participate in a wonderful yoga class. Thankfully, the insightful yoga instructor personally recommended Mandi as a fabulous holistic nutritionist. I had already worked with a holistic nutritionist in our home town, so I was expecting more of the same level of information and problem-solving. Wow, was I wrong!

Mandi, this dynamic, friendly woman, enthusiastically greeted me at the door, ready to get to work and confident that she could help me with all my physical complaints!

And she was right!

Through the process, Mandi uses your own body to read where your body needs support.  I now know that my body always knows exactly what it needs. I also trust Mandi’s remarkable intuition. She has an incredible gift of combining her vast amount of nutritional information with an innate sense of what will work best for a physical issue.

This information was invaluable, because no one had ever made these medical connections for me. In my case, it turns out I was blaming my stomach for all the problems, when in reality, it was my gallbladder and liver that needed detoxing and cleansing. The vertigo issues were partially caused by my lack of minerals. Natural help for my sinus congestion also helped the vertigo. I had been to specialists for both issues, and this was the first time I had any real relief.

That help alone was such a joy to me. What I also consider as crucial to my healing was the supportive emotional work as well. For example, Mandi pointed out that the gallbladder stores the fear you carry in your body. Just by recognizing that, and practicing very specific daily affirmations, I made some huge strides in my overall emotional and physical health.

So now if my gallbladder needs some support, I start taking the appropriate nutrients and  I also do a quick check to notice what is going on in my life that might be making me feel more anxious or angry.

This synergistic approach has been such a wonderful part of my life this past year. It is overwhelming proof to me that one has to address all levels to get to real health.

I needed frequent visits at the beginning of this process, and felt a little overwhelmed that there were so many needed nutrients. I really wanted to be free of my symptoms, and so I followed my regime faithfully. I recognized that I had accumulated a lot of distress in my body over almost 60 years of ‘unaware’ living. It wasn’t going to be corrected in a few weeks with a few doses.

Now I see Mandi approximately once a month for a ‘tune-up’, or if anything has flared up that needs attention. After so many months, Mandi knows how my body reacts to both the nutrients and the daily stressors. I really appreciate her willingness to help me over the phone as a stop-gap measure if something critical has come up. I just make an appointment as soon as possible, and we address the issue more fully then.

I am grateful for the gift of Mandi in my life. I feel very supported and strong, and am blessed to be able to keep learning and growing with her!

-D. Davies

-Angela Mauro

I found Mandi and began seeing her for general wellness and because I have had many complications with scar tissue from surgery and bowel issues. She is the only one that helped me out. I continue to use her services, she is invaluable in my health care. She really gives 100%, and is very knowledgeable.

-Angela Mauro

-Janet T

I’m a 57 yr. old woman who had been struggling with digestion issues, sleep issues and elimination issues.  Yes, I was a mess.  And then I met Mandi.  A friend of mine recommended her.  I was willing to try anything.  Well six months later, I sleep through the night, I am no longer constipated and bloated, and I can eat again.  Mandi taught me so much!  How a congested gallbladder can be the reason for sleep problems.  How bugs and poor flora can cause digestion issues.  How to get your whole power chain working the way it is SUPPOSED to work.  No more waking up at 2am, no more upset stomach every time I eat out.  Mandi’s program requires a commitment…both financially and to the individual program she designs for you.  But it is so worth it.  If you want your health back, no, if you want your life back go see Mandi!


-Janet T.

– Leigh Honeybright

I have to write to say how wonderful it has been working with Mandi. I am a 45 year old woman, I have always exercised and eaten very healthy. Starting around 40 I noticed that I was feeling bloated and like I was having PMS 3 weeks of the month, it didn’t make sense because my diet and exercise routine hadn’t changed. I tried cutting out more carbs etc. but was still feeling off. I would have hot feelings, redness and flushing randomly for no reason. These are just some things that I think women feel are common “pre-menopause” symptoms and just put up with. There is a history of thyroid problems among the women in my family but according to my doctor my levels were “normal”, I just had a slightly enlarged thyroid. Well I didn’t feel that that along with my symptoms were acceptable and I wanted to feel better, like I felt I should feel. The supplements that Mandi suggested for me, and my daughter who struggles with PCOS, have changed our lives! My symptoms are completely gone, no more hot flashes, redness, I have PMS symptoms for the normal 3-4 days before my period. I am not bloated and have lost and entire clothing size without changing anything in my routine, which like I said has always been good. Mandi is so knowledgeable and fun to work with. She has enabled me to live the lifestyle I am used to, without cutting out all of the foods and wine, which I love! Now I feel great! Like I should!! Thanks Mandi Babkes!!


– Leigh Honeybright

Mandi has helped me through so much in the past year

Mandi has helped me through so much in the past year. I’m 25 years old and had a sudden battle with anxiety, after being stressed out through the past
year.  I never had anxiety before and never realized how much stress gradually effects everything in your body. I eventually had a nervous
breakdown… I called Mandi. Mandi was able to get my body rebalance and replenished with the nutrients that were depleted through all my stress. It’s
been a year now (Nov 2013) and I’m about 90% anxiety free. Not just  the nutritional support, but the emotional support that Mandi gives you is amazing. So much encouragement comes from this lovely lady! I would talk to her on a daily basis about how I felt especially since the anxiety made me very aware of my body/feelings. I really do believe in what she does because our bodies were made to function with these specific nutrients. And when we don’t get them through diet and/or depleted through stress or medications, things just don’t function right. I can say I never went on any anxiety medication, thanks to Mandi. The last thing I wanted to do was walk into a doctors office, have medication prescribed just to cover up my symptoms. Mandi gets to the real root of the problem. Thanks so much, you are a
sweetheart! 🙂

– Vanessa W.

Mandi has helped me with balancing and perfecting my diet, adding healthy options, and focusing on keeping my sugar and fat content in a healthy range. Mandi has also assisted me in my workouts, helping me to get the most out of the different exercises she is showing me. This is also allowing me to train smarter and protect my heart and kidneys, muscles and joints, while maintaining my weight and staying in shape.

Mandi has helped me with healthy vegan, live-sourced supplements and nutrients, as well as mud packing, which has and continues to be most beneficial. Mandi is 100% willing and committed to helping me live a most healthful and happy life.

Thank you!

-Ross R

Mandi is a very talented QRA practitioner.

Mandi is a very talented QRA practitioner. I was in pretty sad shape when I started working with her in January and had no prior knowledge of what a QRA practitioner even was, but I am so grateful to have found her. I have been suffering from heavy metal poisoning which has kept me house bound for the last year and was having trouble finding a doctor/specialist who was familiar with my particular situation. I’d given up on finding someone who could help me a while ago and spent most of my time trying to figure out how to solve my health issues on my own. After countless hours of research and thousands of dollars on self-medicating I feel I can finally let go and let Mandi take the reins. She is very knowledgeable about the body as a whole and brilliant at finding the right combination of support to help balance your system and build your body back up so you can tackle any health issue. I love learning how different organs/systems affect one another as she systematically checks each area of the body explaining all along the way what she was doing and why things are amiss. This is exactly what I was looking for. Someone who would spend the time, literally hours if needed, to determine the best course of action for my individual situation. Then there is the powerful process of the mud packs. This is something that blew my mind. I’m not sure how it works or why, I just know it does and you have to experience it for yourself to feel your body release and reconnect. I’d say this as close to magic as it comes. What I’m beginning to realize is that when you give your body exactly what it needs to heal it will respond and rather quickly. If you are as seriously ill as I was or have been trying to improve your health and have hit plateaus or are just managing symptoms and not getting anywhere, this is the time to give Mandi a call so she can help you figure out what is missing.

I’ll never forget the day I wrote this to Mandi in an email:

“I just had to tell you about my wonderful day. Actually had enough energy to clean the house. Not just one room but the whole damn thing. Now, remember I am seriously out of shape and this was no easy task and I ache all over. But I don’t care…it was worth it to feel like myself again! Can’t wait to do some more mudding with you! Did I tell you how much I appreciate you? Did I? Well I do I hope you know that. Nobody has been able to help me in all these years, and you my dear, are literally saving my life. Thank you so much for being you!”

Together, you and Mandi will determine your best course of action. There are no preconceived notions about your health when you walk through her door. She recognizes that each situation is individual and practices accordingly. I worked with her weekly for the first couple of months and little bit by little bit I feel that I’m getting a hold on my health for the first time in years. I know in my heart that very soon this difficult journey will come to a happy end.

– P. Gwendolyn