I started consulting with Mandi in May 2013

I started consulting with Mandi in May 2013. My husband and I had just moved to Pittsburgh, and I was ready for a new start and some new health in my life. I had struggled with digestive issues all of my life, and more recently had bouts of vertigo with no identifiable cause.

These issues were affecting my daily life as well as my ability to participate in a wonderful yoga class. Thankfully, the insightful yoga instructor personally recommended Mandi as a fabulous holistic nutritionist. I had already worked with a holistic nutritionist in our home town, so I was expecting more of the same level of information and problem-solving. Wow, was I wrong!

Mandi, this dynamic, friendly woman, enthusiastically greeted me at the door, ready to get to work and confident that she could help me with all my physical complaints!

And she was right!

Through the process, Mandi uses your own body to read where your body needs support.  I now know that my body always knows exactly what it needs. I also trust Mandi’s remarkable intuition. She has an incredible gift of combining her vast amount of nutritional information with an innate sense of what will work best for a physical issue.

This information was invaluable, because no one had ever made these medical connections for me. In my case, it turns out I was blaming my stomach for all the problems, when in reality, it was my gallbladder and liver that needed detoxing and cleansing. The vertigo issues were partially caused by my lack of minerals. Natural help for my sinus congestion also helped the vertigo. I had been to specialists for both issues, and this was the first time I had any real relief.

That help alone was such a joy to me. What I also consider as crucial to my healing was the supportive emotional work as well. For example, Mandi pointed out that the gallbladder stores the fear you carry in your body. Just by recognizing that, and practicing very specific daily affirmations, I made some huge strides in my overall emotional and physical health.

So now if my gallbladder needs some support, I start taking the appropriate nutrients and  I also do a quick check to notice what is going on in my life that might be making me feel more anxious or angry.

This synergistic approach has been such a wonderful part of my life this past year. It is overwhelming proof to me that one has to address all levels to get to real health.

I needed frequent visits at the beginning of this process, and felt a little overwhelmed that there were so many needed nutrients. I really wanted to be free of my symptoms, and so I followed my regime faithfully. I recognized that I had accumulated a lot of distress in my body over almost 60 years of ‘unaware’ living. It wasn’t going to be corrected in a few weeks with a few doses.

Now I see Mandi approximately once a month for a ‘tune-up’, or if anything has flared up that needs attention. After so many months, Mandi knows how my body reacts to both the nutrients and the daily stressors. I really appreciate her willingness to help me over the phone as a stop-gap measure if something critical has come up. I just make an appointment as soon as possible, and we address the issue more fully then.

I am grateful for the gift of Mandi in my life. I feel very supported and strong, and am blessed to be able to keep learning and growing with her!

-D. Davies