beforeThis week marks the one year anniversary of the day my husband collapsed. He lay on the floor, unable to move. After many tests and medications, the doctors recommended an implant to regulate his spinal fluid pressure. We had nothing to lose. My husband couldn’t standup or walk. Conversations with him were like talking to a child. His short tem memory was gone. He got the implant. His dizziness was worse, not better. His memory did not improve. He knew something was
n’t right but only got frustrated because words would not even come to mind.The modern medicalr system wanted to keep him in a nursing home and overmedicated. He was not getting better. He is only 63 years old. He didn’t want to be shut away in a home for the rest of his life.
afterI was very lucky the day a friend recommended Mandi Babke to me. I knew since traditional medicine had failed my husband, I needed to try a holistic approach. Though it is not covered by healthcare plans, it was worth every penny to get my husband back. Mandi was the right person for the job. My husband has all his functions back. He can walk without any assistance. His cognition skills are actually better than before the
incident. He can express himself without any problems. His confidence is back. Today, he is a software engineer and is back at work. Mandi is a miracle worker in my book.
Linda L.