Mandi has helped me through so much in the past year

Mandi has helped me through so much in the past year. I’m 25 years old and had a sudden battle with anxiety, after being stressed out through the past
year.  I never had anxiety before and never realized how much stress gradually effects everything in your body. I eventually had a nervous
breakdown… I called Mandi. Mandi was able to get my body rebalance and replenished with the nutrients that were depleted through all my stress. It’s
been a year now (Nov 2013) and I’m about 90% anxiety free. Not just  the nutritional support, but the emotional support that Mandi gives you is amazing. So much encouragement comes from this lovely lady! I would talk to her on a daily basis about how I felt especially since the anxiety made me very aware of my body/feelings. I really do believe in what she does because our bodies were made to function with these specific nutrients. And when we don’t get them through diet and/or depleted through stress or medications, things just don’t function right. I can say I never went on any anxiety medication, thanks to Mandi. The last thing I wanted to do was walk into a doctors office, have medication prescribed just to cover up my symptoms. Mandi gets to the real root of the problem. Thanks so much, you are a
sweetheart! 🙂

– Vanessa W.