Holy Heirlooms!!!!


I am so blessed and grateful for my green thumb, my loving garden angels, and Mother Nature! What to do with these beauties; tomato salad perhaps!


Chopped tomatoes, chopped peppers, cucumber sliced or chopped, a slathering of olive oil, a Tbsp. of coconut or balsamic vingear, a squeeze or 2 of lemon juice, cracked pepper and pink salt, AND chopped, fresh basil. Toss and chill and ENJOY!!! ?


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Happy Thanksgiving!


It is hard to believe that November is already here! Thanksgiving is here!, Hanukkah will be illuminating our lives so early this year too!
 Christmas will be bringing in the sleigh bells, reindeer, and holiday cheer before we know it! And WOW, we will be bringing in 2016 and celebrating a most beautiful year ahead!
I urge you to remember to take care of yourselves this holiday season! It is a joyous time. but we also all know that it can be a stressful time! With all of the hustle and bustle, gatherings, planes, trains, and automobiles, we must be careful to prevent those sniffles and sickies!  
I am always happy and eager to help you and your family and assure a healthy and happy holiday season!
 I truly have a  WHOLE LOT to be thankful and grateful for.
I am so thankful for the most amazing souls in my life; my patients and clients who light up my life and heart and give me the opportunity to do what I do best and love most, HEAL, TEACH, EMBRACE, AND SHARE MY PASSION AND LIFE’S MISSION. 
I am equally thankful for all of my incredible colleagues, fans, friends, and family who continue to grace me with their goodness each and every day! 

As the holiday season gets started, remember to give the gift of wellness this holiday season!
Gift Certificates are available!
Contact me to purchase in any denomination for your loved ones!
Please share this information with all of your family and friends! 
Contact Mandi to purchase or inquire within! 
Further information can be found @ 

 With Love and Gratitude,


Garden Goodness 2015! In FULL Effect and Shining!


Tis the season for my green thumbs to come out of hibernation and get my garden glowing and growing!

Stay tuned for the excitement of photos, recipes, tips, and more this summer!

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Seeking answers from the other side in Pennsylvania


Featuring An Interview With Mandi! May 15, 2014

Ms. Babkes, 37, who is certified as a “health practitioner and healer” by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, said psychics have helped her to understand herself better.

With a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and a master’s degree in natural health from Clayton College in Alabama, she works with people who are “physically and emotionally sick,” using a holistic approach that combines talk therapy with nutrition to help people heal themselves. She sees the use of psychics and mediums as another way to improve herself.


What Is Still In Your Childs School Lunch?

Part 2: Four More Ways to Make a Change

First, let’s hear from Mandi Babkes, MNH, HHC, AADP, QRA with Holistic Health with Mandi:

“According to the school district in which this lunch was presented, ‘All menus exceed Federal guidelines Recommended Daily Allowances and are planned by a Registered Dietitian… all schools will have at a minimum of one fresh fruit and vegetable offering each day.’ Are these dietitians and school representatives seeing the same meal as we are in this photo?

Corn chips and saturated, fat-laden potatoes cannot be considered a fresh vegetable. And this orangish-red, Jell-o-ish substance (see actual Jell-o ingredient label with cautionary ingredients in red) is far from fresh fruit. The website Sugar Stacks is devoted to breaking down nutritional values and percentages of sugar in foods. Jell-o is actually loaded with calories and sugar.

The sandwich, which is quite difficult to even predict exactly what it consists of, is presented on a white, bleached flour bun which holds absolutely zero nutritional value, zero fiber and zero whole-grain goodness.